Lift The Stigma is sick and tired of watching prescription opioids take lives and cripple people to addiction.  We are organizing a civil class action lawsuit against Big Pharma to send the message that they must stop!  It’s also a way for people to sue for monetary damages for those loved ones and friends that have suffered or are still suffering or have died due to prescription opioid addiction.   We need to put faces on the opioid crisis.  We can not only make Big Pharma pay monetary damages, but we can also demand change.  We all need to HELP LIFT THE STIGMA and talk about opioid addiction.

Addiction is not a “casserole disease."   When a car accident takes a life or cancer takes a loved one, especially a young person, the neighborhood comes running to help and the house is filled flowers and food. Drug overdoses more times than not, come with shame, embarrassment and guilt … STIGMA.  There’s “not a fu_king casserole in sight."  


If you want this crisis to slow down, make it a safe topic to talk about openly for everyone.  Until the veil of shame is lifted, don't expect much change.  Lift the Stigma of Addiction!!  Fight this fight in the light.

Join us in the most important fight within our borders in U.S. history.  As you will hear me say over and over there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Opioid addiction can bring anyone to their knees.  We need everyone who has suffered in one way or another from prescription opioid addiction to come forward and join us.  We need to do something entirely different against Big Pharma unlike the States that have filed lawsuits against them and their distributors.  We need to put names and faces on our class action suit, tell our stories, and hit them hard financially.  The opioid companies are making billions off death and suffering.  We all need to help put a stop to this.

We need to send a HUGE message to Big Pharma that the American people have had enough.  We have had enough of their deceptive marketing practices that tell us that their opioids are not addictive.  Big Pharma’s blatant disregard for people’s health and the senseless deaths caused by these prescription opioids for their own financial gain must stop!

To date, the opioid crisis has killed three times more Americans that died in Viet Nam.  Stand up and join the fight with us at  We can’t bring a loved one back that died from opioid addiction, but we can make Big Pharma pay for what it has done.  It must be held responsible for the prescription opioid addiction crisis they have inflicted on us for company profits.  Hit Big Pharma where it hurts, in the pocket book!

The ultimate goal is not only monetary compensation for all that have suffered from prescription opioid addiction, but to get the opioid manufactures and distributors to build and fund in-house treatment centers in every state.

Join us, stand strong in this fight!  Always remember, there is strength in numbers.  We can make a difference!

Thank you,


Steven N. Kendall