I was addicted to prescription opioids for years.  With all my orthopedic problems and the associated pain, I was prescribed lots of opioids.  I was convinced I couldn't function without them.  With orthopedic problems like these I was in chronic pain:

  1.  Below knee amputation left leg

  2.  Pins in left shoulder from rotator cuff surgery

  3.  Very little cartilage in both shoulders

  4.  Severe arthritis throughout my entire body

  5.  Loose artificial joint and partially torn quadriceps right knee

  6.  Two discs in my back pinching the nerve that controls blood follow and   oxygen   to my upper extremities causing my hands to be partially numb


I found I was wrong.  Even with all of these problems, I now live my life healthier and happier OPIOID FREE.

It was a struggle, but with determination, simple exercise, yoga and training my mind not to feel pain, I kicked all opioids.  I have never felt better in my Life.

I’m here to help anyone struggling with prescription opioid addiction.  Feel free to contact me at   



Steven N. Kendall